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Dear Visitor, welcome to Arctic Webs. We are a one stop web shop aimed at small to medium size businesses in Scandinavia, Europe, USA and Africa. Our focus is on hosting and running super-effective e-Commerce websites. Our service is ambitious, we believe our hosting is the best you will find, our services are the best you can get for your money and our web management and e-Commerce services can ease your life significantly. Our goal is to become your preferred partner in website hosting, e-Commerce management and website development. Whether you want us to host a website, manage a website or manage your e-Commerce store we are here to give you one of the best platforms available. Our offer is to make your website faster (much faster) than most websites, more secure than most websites, always be up to date and we guarantee 99% uptime of your website. If you are interested in trying out our services, you can contact us or buy directly from here with a 30 day money back guarantee. Please subscribe to our mailing list and get notified about our ideas and development. For further information, please send us an e-mail: support@arcticwebs.com. We look forward to working with you.

Your Online Store

Choose the platform that suits you best, choose between an e-Commerce ready platform or a full Online Store, ready to sell online.



We provide state of the art search engine optimization for your website with keywords tailor made to bring more traffic & customers.

Graphic Design

We design everything you need. Your corporate package, website, social media, brochures and more.

Facebook Store

We can set up your Facebook page and/or connect your store to Facebook. Facebook is by far the largest Social Media platform, with more than 3 times more users than Instagram (by January 2017). Twitter has half the amount of users that Instagram has

Social Media Marketing

With Social Media Care we can take care of regular installations on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We also do Social Media marketing, create events, games and create announcements on your behalf. The process starts with an analysis of your needs, followed up by a report from us, including a suggestion for your Social Media Strategy.

Payment Gateway

We provide and install a world class payment gateway from Dalpay. The Dalpay Payment Gateway is used by companies in more than 90 countries worldwide. You choose the payment methods you want to use, we do the fraud checks and keep your payment gateway up to date at all times.

We provide you with social media know-how and expertise. We publish posts for you, pictures, videos, ads and events. We maintain your product catalog, your details and your social media presence as a whole.

Fearless Leaeders

Arni Sigurgeirsson

Arni Sigurgeirsson

CEO Iceland and Norway

Jon Gudmundsson

Jon Gudmundsson

CEO Zambia

Peter Thordarson

Peter Thordarson

Group I.T Manager

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